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phiRO is an open access journal publishing research in medical physics and imaging in radiation oncology. Furthering ESTRO’s mission to foster the role of radiation oncology to improve the care of patients with cancer, the journal offers the radiation oncology and medical physics community a rapid route for the publication of original research, reviews, short communications and correspondence.

The Editors-in-Chief of phiRO, Ludvig Muren (Denmark) and Daniela Thorwarth (Germany), ensure that all manuscripts are peer-reviewed rigorously and rapidly, with the assistance of an internationally respected Editorial Board.

The authors will be asked to meet the cost of publication through an article publication fee following acceptance of a paper. All members of ESTRO are eligible for a discounted fee.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Radiotherapy
Edited by Oliver Jäkel (Guest Editor), Jürgen Debus (Guest Editor), Ludvig Muren (Editor-in-Chief), Daniela Thorwarth (Editor-in-Chief)

Physics highlights from ESTRO 2020
Edited by Ludvig Muren (Editor-in-Chief), Daniela Thorwarth (Editor-in-Chief)

Dosimetry Auditing
Edited by Catharine Clark (Guest Editor), Núria Jornet (Guest Editor), Ludvig Paul Muren (Editor-in-Chief)

Functional Imaging for Prostate Cancer
Edited by Anca-Ligia Grosu (Guest Editor), Uulke van der Heide (Guest Editor), Ludvig Paul Muren (Editor-in-Chief)

Invited ESTRO37 Highlights
Edited by Ludvig Paul Muren (Editor-in-Chief)

CT developments for treatment planning dose calculations in radiotherapy
Edited by Wouter van Elmpt (Guest Editor), Guillaume Landry (Guest Editor), Ludvig Paul Muren (Editor-in-Chief)

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